Sustainable Energy Art @ Greylock Arts

17 Sep 2007

The opening reception for the Sustainable Energy Art show at Greylock Arts kicked off last Friday night. Alice and I headed out from New York in the morning for western Mass. The reception was great. I met so many really nice people of all ages, got to stay overnight in a really amazing old building, and I got the chance to get to know better a bunch of people I've wanted to get to know for awhile. Thanks Marianne and Matt for your hospitality and for hosting our art. I'm already looking forward to the trip up to Massachusetts for the closing night. If anyone happens to be in or around Massachusetts sometime in the next month and a half, stop by Greylock or check the schedule and plan a trip. The gallery will be displaying all the sustainable energy art until the end of October. While you're there, also hit up Mass MoCA in North Adams and the Topia Inn right around the corner from the gallery in Adams. We got a tour from the owners during our stay and it was pretty awesome.

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Building Top Entrance Out of the door Solar Bikini + Solar Jewelry Greylock Mountain Church Solar Xylophone Window Solar Xylophone Closeup Krinkle-O-Tron Wall Flowers 1 Wall Flowers 2 Wall Flowers 3 Wall Flowers 4 Flowers Kitchen Sneakers Mass MoCA Upside Down Tree Mass MoCA Sign

Solar Xylophone Video 1
Solar Xylophone Video 2