20 Jan 2008

Instructables Screenshot
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In the midst of me being ill, I managed to finish the Instructables for my very own Shake Microphone! The Shake Mic is a microphone built from a hacked Hummer shake flashlight. Give it a couple good shakes, press the button, and speak into the microphone to amplify your voice. I had originally created the Shake Mic for a one week assignment in one of my classes at ITP (original blog post). I found the shake flashlight on the junk shelf and I already had all the parts in my toolbox, so everything just seemed to work out. But, since the project is relatively easy to build and you can get almost all the parts (aside from the shake flashlight) from your local RadioShack, I thought it would make a great Instructables.

So, head on over there and give me your thoughts. I'd appreciate any comments or feedback, and if you wouldn't mind, vote up my Instructables so I can get on the front page!