Ireland Panorama

01 Jul 2008

I finally got around to putting together the panorama photos I took while in Ireland. I shot them using a basic point and shoot Canon camera with the stitch assist tool and all of them actually turned out quite well despite not using a tripod. The only photo where it is very noticeable is the first panorama below (but it still looks interesting). Photoshop CS3 has a really great built-in feature called "Photomerge" that automates the stitching process for you in addition to blending all the photos together.

I also quickly threw together a little PHP/CSS/HTML page to easily view the panoramas. Usually its very annoying viewing a panorama in a web browser or even a photoviewer. Click on any of the pictures below to view a large version. Be aware, some of the photos are several megabytes.

Dingle Peninsula Dingle Countryside Dingle Peninsula - Inch Strand Dublin Hotel Dublin Hotel Dublin Hotel Dunbeg Fort Guinness Gravity Bar Inishmore Fort St. Patrick's Cathedral St. Patrick's Cathedral