Maker Faire: Austin 2008

21 Oct 2008

I just got back from a long weekend in Austin where I got the chance to attend Maker Faire along with a couple other folks from ITP. We were there to show off some cool ITP projects and to try and get people interested in the program. We brought along Alex Reeder's Butterfly Dress, Tom Gerhardt's fireLight, Eric Rosenthal's Liquid ID Spectrometer, Christian Cerrito's Brush Bots, So Young Park's Music & Fashion Coordinator, Young Hyun Chung's Digital Wheel Art, and my own Square Band.

Maker Faire

The crowd was great. There were lots of kids and families so overall it made things really fun. I even got a chance to hang out with the guys (and gals) from Sparkfun. The only caveat about showing your stuff there is that you miss a lot of what else is going on and seriously, I was totally drained when I got the chance to wander around. But all in all, so much fun and really hard to cram it all into such a short post.

So, check out my album on Flickr and keep posted about the recent updates with Square Band. I just got some professional PCBs done so things are moving along.

Square Band