SolPix at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Triennial

13 May 2010

SolPix (1)

SolPix, a project I've been working on as of late alongside architect Simone Giostra and artist Jeremy Rotsztain, debuts tonight at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum for the National Design Triennial.

SolPix is a solar-powered, sun shading, media wall system. The site-specific piece is located in the conservatory of the Cooper-Hewitt museum for "Why Design Now?" an exhibit that addresses human and environmental issues. One side of the piece is a large color LED display while the backside acts as a shading structure that also captures available sunlight as electricity via photovoltaic cells. It is a self-aware system that monitors its energy consumption as well as its solar energy production.

SolPix (2) SolPix (3)

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